Teachers Rule

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We want to thank everyone who came out to see us last month at Worlds Fair Nano and Maker Faire — especially all of the teachers who geeked out on RaceYa and what we're trying to do.

After chatting with so many of you and hearing your ideas for how you would use RaceYa in the classroom, we stared off into the distance and thought, If only there was a way to get them all in one room and tap into that collective awesomeness! 

Oh, wait — there is!


Thanks to the overwhelming response to our proposal for a curriculum hackathon, we've set a date — Saturday, November 18 — and we're lining up a space in Manhattan. Stay tuned for details on time and location.

Are you an educator? Are you looking for a chance to spend the day racing cars, eating snacks and brainstorming ways to bring fun — and fast — STEM projects into your classroom?



All STEM all the time!  
Are you looking for even more things to design, build, launch, or hack?
 Check out these awesome programs and resources:

A resource from Change the Equation for finding and
investing in leading STEM education programs

A roundup of low-cost STEM activities and curriculum
developed for and tested in afterschool settings

A searchable consumer guide for resources and programs

We know there are tons more...let us know about
your favorite afterschool resources and programs!

Please try this at home.

It's officially mid October, so we're legally allowed to get Halloweeny.

Alex Nickel, the clever and charming host of Technicality, has some fun home experiments that go way beyond slime, featuring dry ice and cameos from Physics Girl...and Daveed Diggs!


Abigail and Team RaceYa

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