NYC Hardware Companies Are Building the Future

RaceYa at the Futureworks Incubator showcase.

RaceYa at the Futureworks Incubator showcase.

As you may know we were part of this fall’s Futureworks Incubator cohort. Futureworks is a program run through the NYC Economic Development Corporation that helps NYC-based hardware ventures connect with local leaders in manufacturing and design. It has been an amazing experience getting to know the phenomenal founders in the program and discovering parts of the city that are brimming with tech creativity (looking at you, Long Island City!).


The culminating showcase event was held over at Electropositive, a community and co-working space in Crown Heights. We loved to see the progress everyone made — and to watch the faces of the attendees light up as they glimpsed the future these entrepreneurs are building. It’s shiny!

Check out all the beautiful photos from the event here.