A Battery of Batteries

We've been experimenting with our favorite source of portable energy...

What's a Battery Anyway? 

The clever folks over at SparkFun define batteries as "a collection of one or more cells whose chemical reactions create a flow of electrons in a circuit."  Solar power, electric power, even wind power all rely on some form of battery to store the energy they generate. What sort of energy does your home use and where is it stored

Wanna try?

Build a super simple electromagnetic motor.
Michael Faraday first invented them in the 1820s. Now they're used for hybrid cars and wind energy. 

DIY Electric Train

You can use the same principles to make this speedy little battery train.  How far and fast you take it is up to you.

Now dig this!

Speaking of clean energy, we just had to try this down and dirty experiment from Teach Beside Me. Yep, it really works!

No matter how much energy it takes, let's all keep working to protect the earth and our environment every day.


Abigail and Team RaceYa