Spring Forward with RaceYa!


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This week at RaceYa, we’re celebrating Spring! Not just the season...the little coils that make the world go boing!

First, check out this hypnotically cool electro-funk "Ode to Spring" created with the sounds of industrial spring production.

DJ TASAKA - Komatsu Bane

What, exactly, is a spring?

A spring is an elastic object that has the ability to absorb, store and release energy through a change in shape. In other words, springs bounce back to their original shape after they’ve been pulled or squished. 

A rubber band is a spring. Robin Hood’s bow is a spring.

A trampoline is a spring.

The Laws of Spring 

Back in 1676, Robert Hooke came up with a law of mechanics and physics (now called Hooke’s law) that says that the force a spring exerts is proportional to its extension. Kinda like the whole “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” thing. Just don’t tell Newton!

Springs and Suspension

Auto Suspensions: "Spring Harmony"

Now, check out this vintage video from Chevrolet (circa 1935) to see why all cars, including our RaceYa RC, need suspension.

Please try this at Home.

Nothing says Spring like Peeps! Try this awesome catapult from the very clever lady over at From Playdough to Plato this weekend!


Abigail and Team RaceYa