Spinning Out of Control

Our heads are spinning here at RaceYa, and you can probably guess why.

Yes, everyone's doing it.

Now that every creature on the planet seems to be in on the spin we thought we’d dig into physics behind it all. Here’s a quick and dirty explanation from GorillaPhysics.

A new spin on things.

Ball bearings are key to the fidget spinner -- and the basic principles -- friction and inertia,  are pretty easy to understand. But Physics Girl found some toys that put a whole new spin on things.

Wanna go old school?

Clearly spinning is both fascinating and addictive. And you don’t even need a special toy to do it.

Please try this at home.

Those guys make it look easy. But in case you need a few tips, Sam Tucker will take you through the basics:


Abigail and Team RaceYa