Happy Sally Ride Day!

In 1983 Sally Ride blasted through barriers as the first American woman to go to space.

So how did she get there?

Sally was pretty sure she was going to be a tennis player when she grew up. Then she caught the science bug. The rest is history. 

Would you qualify

Check out some of NASA's requirements. Or find out what it's like out there from Jerry Carr, who spent over 2000 hours in space.

It's not rocket science.

Want to know how rockets work? The basic principle is just Newton's third law. The folks at Veritasium  explain.

Please try this at home

Baking soda rockets are where chemistry meets trajectory, so give yourself some room to zoom. 

Today there are loads of amazing women in the space program. So if you want to be an astronaut, just set your sights as high as Sally did.


Abigail and Team RaceYa