Ooohs and Aaaahhs

This week at RaceYa, we're celebrating the explosive ideas that make our July 4th festivities possible.

Of course the 4th is about independence from monarchy, but we're in it for the amazing Explosions! In fact - if the car you ride in uses gasoline, then you are sitting on a wave of hundreds of explosions per minute! 

The internal combustion engine uses tiny explosions to push down apiston >  which moves the crank shaft > which moves the wheels. The faster the wheels, the faster the crank, the more explosions needed!

So, when you're off to your BBQs this summer, think of Margaret Knight.
Not only did she invent the paper bag you're carrying your hot dogs in, but she also invented a way to make combustion engines quieter. 

Now - on to the Fireworks!

Field Guide to Fireworks

Improve your fireworks vocabulary with this primer from one of the fireworks designers at Macy's.

An explosive history.

More than 1,000 years ago, a Chinese monk named Li-Tian filled a bamboo tube with gunpowder and threw it into a fire. The rest is history.

The Chemistry of Fireworks

One part oxidizer. One part fuel. One part color. See how it all comes together in a symphony of light and sound.

Please try this at home.

 Safer, but still satisfyingly pop-y, the folks at Playdough to Plato use Alka-Seltzer to fuel these mini rockets.

And finally, we'll be at the World's Fair this September 16th-17th in NYC! 
Come on over and say Hello!


Abigail and Team RaceYa

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