"Things weren't 100% successful, but we learned a lot..."

The irrepressible Yeung sisters.

The irrepressible Yeung sisters.

You may know Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung, the sisters from Seattle who built and launched a homemade weather-balloon-propelled, GoPro-equipped spacecraft called the Loki Lego Launcher into the troposphere back in 2015. They went on to meet President Obama at the White House Science Fair, and in this video from last summer, they sent the launcher into the shadow of the Total Solar Eclipse. 


What we loved best about this latest launch, though, was that it did NOT go off without a hitch. The solar panel wiring failed. One of the cameras came loose.

But rather than gloss over, edit out, or become discouraged by these setbacks, Kimberly and Rebecca highlighted them as a chance to learn. They even compiled pages of notes and dedicated a whole blog post to what they learned.

Whether or not these girls grow up to be scientists (odds are pretty good, though), the resilience they are developing will serve them well, whatever they decide to do.