"Things weren't 100% successful, but we learned a lot..."

You may know Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung, the sisters from Seattle who built and launched a homemade weather-balloon-propelled, GoPro-equipped spacecraft called the Loki Lego Launcher into the troposphere back in 2015. Last summer, they sent the launcher into the shadow of the Total Solar Eclipse, and the best part was that things did NOT go off without a hitch — giving the Yeung sister's a chance to reflect on the lessons they learned. #resilience

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Hey, look — we made a new RaceYa video thing!

We've been head down with our friends at Tomorrow Labs developing the design for manufacture for the RC car we'll be unleashing on old, new, and soon-to-be fans of RaceYa. But since we're also good at multi-tasking, we made this video to communicate the educational philosophy that inspired founder and CEO Abigail Edgecliffe-Johnson to leap into the world of STEM toys and creative play.

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